Day 3, I went a different route. It took 25 minutes to get to a main roundabout. I’m not going that route again in a hurry at that time of day.

The day went well, 2 more standards completed. I still don’t know where my first placement will be. I emailed my line manager, hopefully I’ll get a reply before I have to ring him before I have to ring him back tomorrow.

We’ve 3 more standards to learn. I’m currently feeling a cold. Hit and miss of when it is effecting me. The night seems to be the worst.

Watched: Ready Player One > 2 out of 5


‘Feeling at Ease with my New job’

I’m liking the way my new employer is providing their training. It’s nice to be with a group of people who I could see around while working. We had two more topics taught. I have been able to do the three standards learnt so far on the C C website. I’ve also configured the works email and done the Manual Handling Workbook. Apart from my car permit, I believe I’m up to date with everything so far.

I remembered it was Tuesday today, I haven’t turned on the telly. I finished a magazine, read some more of my library book and been shopping for work clothes and shoes.

I feel at ease with the new job so far. But the past couple of nights sleep hasn’t come easy. It’s taken me a few hours to fall asleep and I’ve woken a couple of hours before I needed to be. Last night tiredness took over and I went to bed early but still took hours to fall asleep. It made me fight the tiredness today but I’m gonna go later to see if that helps me fall asleep at all.

Tomorrow is another day.


I’ve completed my first day in a new job. It was an informal day. We’re spending the next two weeks based in the classroom while we do our care certificate training.

It been a nice day meeting the other new starters too. We’ve a bit of homework as well. One of the girls thought of adding us all in to a Facebook group chat to work together doing the work.

It’ll be nice to go again tomorrow, different to not wanting to go like in my old job.

Watched: Pacific Rim > 2.5 out of 5

Goals, Life

BSL Video Series: Describing Family Members

Using the past two BSL Video Series posts on Family Members and Describing Vocab I have put together sentences and questions and answers to describe my own family members and my own features to help develop my signing. There are a few videos shown in this post; take the time to learn the signs from the previous posts so that putting them into a sentence will seem easier to follow.

The first video is showing the signs to describe my eye colour:

This second video is showing the signs to answer me being engaged and single:

This third video is showing signs to answer me being married with 2 children:

Family Members:

This video is showing the signs describing my Brothers hair:

This video is showing the signs to describe my Grandmas age:

This video is showing the signs to describe my Mothers shape:

This video is showing the signs to describe my Sisters height:

This video is showing the signs to describe my Parents martial status:

This video is showing signs of describing members of my family in one:

From these past three posts: Do you think you’d be able to describe yourself and some of your family members?

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‘We Have Heat’

The central heating and waste pipes are now set up. We’ve scraped and sweeped some more if the floors. We’ve 2 left to do. It’s tiring renovating a house. I’m glad I bought this house but I don’t want another renovation project. I’m happy to redecorate but I don’t want to go back to bare brick again.

We saw my dad and step mum which was lovely. I certainly need to see them more often then I do.

My new job starts tomorrow. I’m excited with a slight nervous but in calmer then I have been previously when starting a new job. Hopefully this continues into tomorrow.

Watched: Escape Room (2017) > 1.5 out of 5


More work on the house happened. My body is feeling it from the work yesterday, making today harder then it should be. Half of the radiators are on and the first fix for the plumbing has been done. We’re back again tomorrow. I’ve been able to scrap and sweep some more floors.

The best thing about tomorrow is that I get to spend time with my dad and step mum.


It’s been a long day at the house. I finished painting the kitchen, the ceiling in the cellar came down and we started scraping and sweeping the floors. We had 2 separate deliveries which meant that I was there from 8am until 18:30pm as one didn’t give me a short time frame and the second was late after their last time call.

Let’s just say my feet didn’t like it and I had to wait 11 hours before I could use the toilet. I cannot wait until it’s installed in our house.

The good thing is two more home tasks got completed thanks again to B. She is amazing and worked through a cold. We’re back to the house tomorrow. Hopefully a couple more will get ticked off.

Watched: Escape Plan > 3 out of 5