My First No Telly Tuesday

It has been the first since setting the goal the other day. I did well. I didn’t watch telly at home. I say at home because I’ve been working. Customers have wanted to watch the telly. This was an exception to the rule.

When I was at home, I spent some time with Dave before he went to work. We started a card game; a DC deck building game. We are trying out a new expansion pack. The first crisis one I believe. It’s been put to one side to finish hopefully tomorrow.

Still no news good or bad about the house. I do think he’s dragging it out to get a better deal elsewhere. I’m gonna ring the estate agents to see if they’ve contacted the vendor directly and see if they can get a real reason out of him.

I feel I’m getting my heart broken with this one.

Feeling Better

What did I say about being fine in the morning? After sleeping in till 10am I was fine. The sleep helped bring my energy back.

My celiac test results are not back yet either. I had my ultrasound too. All three tests came back as a normal result. Which is good but doesn’t explain my stomach pains.

The estate agents rang to give me an update. The vendor has given all but the fixture and fitting sheet back. So we’re still waiting. Something is happening but I don’t wanna look elsewhere for somewhere when I love this house.

Watched: Casino Royale (2006) > 2.5 out of 5

BSL Video Series

Welcome to my Introduction to British Sign Language Series. Over the past year, I have been learning BSL. Learning the basics and being able to start having conversations.

Usually, once I’ve completed some learning if I don’t have it incorporated into my life, it takes a back seat. Some to the point I have forgotten it once I may need it. I didn’t want this to happen with the sign language.

I may not have the need to use sign language in my daily life right now. But I would love to be able to communicate with those who use this method. One day have it within my job role to continue helping people regardless of their communication abilities.

To help me re-cap on what I have learnt and to be able to look back to signs that I don’t use regularly at any point in my life, I decided to make videos. These videos are of me signing what I have learnt. They range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes; depending on the amount within a certain topic.

One of my goals was to share these videos. Being that my blog is now 1 years old and to prove to myself that I can show others what I have accomplished. Building up my courage and confidence in myself and my work. I decided now would be the right time.

Whether learning BSL is something you’ve wanted to do or you just want to watch the videos to see what I have done. Each month, I will be sharing with you a new video.

Let’s begin; here is a video showing the signs that can be done for BSL:

Up Next Month: Alphabet

Not Feeling too Good

I woke up feeling down from the night before. It’s affected my mood along with the heat its effect on my stomach. Its been playing up today.

Today was Dave’s Cousin’s little boys christening. Here’s me meeting them for the first time and it didn’t help with me feeling like this. I spent half the time in the bathroom. I also didn’t go to my in-laws for dinner.

I thought it might be best to call in sick to work tomorrow. I don’t wanna lose out on the money but if it’s anything other then the heat I don’t wanna infect my customers. Most likely I’ll be fine when I wake in the morning.

Negative Mindset

I’m in a low mood. This evening my parents asked if we’d looked at other houses as being 6 weeks in and haven’t heard from the vendor. Who is obviously dragging their heals for some reason?

They were showing us other properties but I have the current one where my heart is set. Dave is up for looking at other properties but I’m not.

Just my parents saying that has spiralled my mindset to the negative. I’m going to ring the estate agents to see where they are in getting a response from a week ago. I’m hoping that it’s positive news. More so seeing as it’s my birthday soon.

No Telly Tuesdays

One of my goals on my list is to have No Telly Days. Since starting with the goal, I have had no telly days, but I haven’t really got any steps to move towards this goal properly.

I feel instead of a cross-off-able goal, this should be an ongoing/for life goal to have as part of who I am. But I feel I need a bit more to it to have it be a more credible goal.

What I think will help is to select one day each week where I don’t watch telly. I’m drawn to a Tuesday, as I’m writing this. On my goal page, I am going to have a section of ongoing/life goals that I want to be intertwined with my values.

No Telly Tuesdays is going to be one of them.

Seeing as I’m a community care worker, I can’t tell a customer to turn the telly off if that’s what they want to do. As it is them watching the telly and picking the shows etc, I’m going to have an exception to the rule.

No Telly Tuesdays – doesn’t count if I’m in a customer home.

I’ve told Dave about my decision. He felt a little happier about it when I replied to his question that he is allowed to watch telly on a Tuesday if he wishes. I’ll either be not at home or I’ll be in another room.

I’m not going to force him to stop something just cause I am. As of today No Telly Tuesday is gonna come into effect.

Do you have days without watching telly?

A Wedding

Today was my mates, sisters wedding. It was a gorgeous ceremony. The wedding breakfast was lovely. I was in some official photos as well which I didn’t expect but I like the idea of all the ceremony guests having a photo together.

We then had a break before the evening part. A group of us went to the hotel rooms that they’d booked. At one point myself and a friends girlfriend got stuck with a load of kids. Luckily we played games that occupied them.

I did feel sorry for the bride and groom for the evening part though. Majority of the day people had left and all friends that were invited for the evening part didn’t turn up. It ended up being 10-15 of us filling up the dance floor. Making use of the DJ.

Even so, it was fun. It tired me out but fun. I was ready for bed when I got home.