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Shift Plan Review

In October 2017, I completed The Shift Plan created by Kate Swoboba. The tool was helpful to get an idea for what I wanted to change. But once I wrote it up, I didn’t look at it again other then put in my calendar to review this past October. Well, it’s clearly past October and I’ve had it on my task list since. After listening to this second interview for week 1 HoCo, one of the questions Elizabeth Dialto asks herself:

What would I never what to do again or resent?

The shift plan review being on my task list and me seeing it each day is one of them for me. So I thought I’d do it right now, then that’s it. Being week 1 of HoCo and reviewing the past year it’ll be good to look at a different route to make me see the past as a whole. To look at the original post: click here. I am going to do each in its categories again like the original to separate it more clearly.

Personal Growth/Fulfilment/How I feel about me:

Easeful, patient and gentler with myself; I had moments of this and I choose easeful was as a goal for the year but I have committed to this 100%? I do become hard on myself and by overwhelming myself. I’ve been stressed not easeful. I believe I have worked well on the being confident in my abilities, speaking up for myself and to be proud, work on my goals and be me. I feel more like I’m becoming myself and speaking up for what I believe in. I’m being more honest with myself, open with writing and to my loved ones. On the score out of 10 for this slide of the shift plan I would give myself a 7 for being me, confident in my abilities and speaking up for myself. The difference I’d like to see and realise in myself is working on being easeful, patience and gentler with myself.

Intimate and Romantic Relationships

Looking at the statement from October 2017, I’m sticking with 2 out of 10 that I gave myself in yesterday’s post. I haven’t worked on my intimate pleasure. Although I’m being more patient with my partner’s limitations.

Personal Relationships/Friendships

I’d give myself a 5 out of 10; I have been cherishing my friendships. Making more time for them. I’ve begun to say no when it’s something I don’t want to do or like to do. Leading me to not keep promises I know I couldn’t keep. That way I keep the promises I do make. So far I feel this is the first category I have been doing completely.


I don’t currently have stability and love for my job at the same time. I have periods of loving the job when I’m with customers but the job as a whole, I don’t. I’ve no stability but with the new job starting in the new year I’m hoping this will change.


With the job I’m currently in, I don’t have control over my income as my hours vary, causing me uncertainty what comes in at the end of each month. That hasn’t stopped me budgeting, saving, going on holidays and trips out to have the experiences that make me happy. Again this new job will allow me to have more control as I’ll know the exact amount each month. Plus if need be I can do extra shifts. Being at ease with my income might be insight.

Even though I haven’t been consciously working on the plan itself most are things in my life I’ve wanted to work on. By doing this review I’ve completed the goal which I can cross off. Allowing me to focus on what week 2 and 3 of HoCo bring me. I am putting not being easeful, patient and gentle on myself and no exploring a new level of intimacy and pleasure on my leaving behind in 2018. These are things I want to work on in years to come.

There were a couple other things j wanted to note from what I took away from the guest interview.

1. Not overthinking, making up stories on things that haven’t happened or I feel I can observe and be respective of. If I need to know more it’ll come to me. Land in my consciousness when it needs to be.

2. There are priorities that are not needed over function, for example, I don’t need to have a blow out/be a baby about things. Let’s say I’m hungry, I have things to make a pasta bake in the house but I fancy a pizza takeaway. Most of the time I need to prioritise making the pasta bake. It’ll save me money and I can go to the supermarket the next day to buy a pizza. The time it takes to make a pasta bake is similar to the time it’ll take a pizza to arrive. Plus a lot cheaper. Prioritise the best for me at the time.

I’ve never finished the exercise bike declutter for my declutter challenge as someone is due to collect it this evening. Week 1 is gonna soon been 100% complete.

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Week 1 of HoCo Nearly Complete

I’ve finished week 1 worksheets for HoCo. I wrapped up how I’m feeling for the slices in my life.

My highest score was a 7 out of 10. These were for: friendships and significant other.

Next for 6 out of 10 was for my career slice. 5 out of 10 was for my physical space, the pursuit of passion, finances and connect to self. I didn’t have any 4s. 3 out of 10 was for contribution/legacy and wellness. Then 2 out of 10 was for sex life. And 1 out of 10 was for spirituality.

I did have a zero which was for family/parenting. Seeing as we don’t have kids and they aren’t in the cards for 2019 I wrote: “not ready for children right now, maybe once we’re married and settled in our home”.

The last part of week 1 was to choose a photo that best represents 2018. I found this difficult as I don’t take many photos. I decided to choose the finished photo of my dragon tattoo that I had done this year. I choose this because I was feeling great for having had it done; an experience I wanted. But I was sore in that area for having it done. I feel it represents my year because I had some amazing experiences but I have had some periods of being in pain and times of emotion. The unrest and growth in one.

Over this week I am grateful to take my experiences and mental strength into 2019 with me. I am grateful to leave the frustration and anger behind in 2018.

I’ve just my ritual challenge, which was published to the blog yesterday, and the declutter challenge left of week 1. O and the last guest interview. I’ve asked my mum about helping me advertise the bike and I have gone through my file box on the first run.

There is 1 month left of 2018. After this week I feel 2018 has served me well even with the downs, it’s made me stronger to bring in the New Year.

Watched: Batman Begins (2012) > 2.5 out of 5

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Releasing and Keeping 2018

I’ve had a final job offer and start in the new year. I handed in my notice so in 4 weeks I finish my current job, then have 10 days before my new job starts. I have 6 weeks of training then I’ll be starting on a full time rota in the ward I’m being placed.

I was so happy when I got the news I called all my parents to let them know. It’s definitely put me in a good mood.

Just before I got the offer I had sat down to start the first call for HoCo. I turned my phone on silent to try focus on the task at hand. I did mostly without looking at my phone but I did pause the recording to check. It’s a step, I suppose I need to work on that.

Week one is all about reviewing the past year, releasing and keeping. It’s helped me work towards my releasing challenge. What I’ve written to honour my strength I’m going to type up and have crossed out. All the keeping from 2018 is going to be bold.

Bought a house. Booked our wedding. No chocolate since 29th January. Deep journalling. New job offer. Group holiday. Solo trip to London for coach meeting. Completed NVQ and Life Coaching Level 2 Quals. Time spent with family; meals, weekend away. Dragon tattoo. Demi Lovato with E. Michael McIntyre with Dave. New friend: V. Moving to Ossett. Dave birthday tank driving. Over 100 followers on blog. Steps with B, her mum and my mum. Cirque du Soleil with my mum; OVO. Meadowhall Christmas Live with B. Cinderella with Dave. Time of work with Dave. Feeling like being more open with all and myself. Going to therapy; getting off anti-depressants. No social media. Spending time at YAS. Change of car. Dave and I moving in together. Trip to Aunty B.

Feeling inadequate for going to therapy and being on anti-depressants. Anus. Stomach. Getting myself to overwhelm points and putting too much on myself. Malcolm passing away. Grandma slowing deteriating and finding it hard to watch. Frustration and anger feelings. Procrastination on tasks causing myself to get into overwhelm state more so. Not taking care of myself; self-care and love. Focusing on others before myself. Unable to concentrate on one tasks at a time. Mind on over drive. Not being easeful, patient or gentle with myself. Not exploring a new level of intimacy or giving/recieving pleasure.

I’ve learned things about myself and how much I care about having experiences in life: with Dave, family and friends, then spending every day at work or spending it on rubbish. I feel more like myself by opening up to people and writing deeper. Being sent to enjoy my spare time. I now believe I can do something I put my mind to. When I truly want something or am passionate about it I’ll do it. It doesn’t feel like a chore.

I understand why I need to be myself and work towards figuring out myself as a whole.

As well as the releasing above we had prompts to see if there are other releasing; those that don’t serve me.

In 2019 I will let go of my belief that I am not enough and that everything cannot be done. That anxiety is what’s stopping me.

In 2019 I will release these harmful habits – mindset of frustration and anger. Self sabotaging myself and my mind. Putting others before my own needs.

In 2019 I will remember that every moment is there to be enjoyed that if I don’t enjoy what I’m doing that something needs to change.

In 2019 I will stop feeling frustrated, overwhelm and the anxiety bubble.

In 2019 I am leaving behind the above feelings and the belief I am not enough. That I cannot do new things.

I’ve a couple more sheets for week one to complete, a guest interview and the challenges. The good thing there is no deadline for HoCo. Yes it’s done within a 3 week period but we can go at our own pace. I feel I’m putting my all into it this year. I’m starting to feel like I want to work on myself and figure out who I am.

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2018: A year of growth and unrest

2018 has been a mix of a year. There’s been times I’ve felt its been my year of growth; buying a house, booking our wedding and looking for a new job. I don’t know the answers to where I’m heading but I feel I’m on the right path.

Then I’ve felt like I’m in the year of unrest; where things have been overwhelming. I’ve been putting a lot on my plate and other things keep popping up causing me to feel like I’m in a crisis emotionally.

I believe I started out 2018 growing and found the second half in unrest. I want to get out of that and work on 2029 being the year of destruction. Where everything gets torn down and new is a foot, building and know who I am, leading to a year of mastery.

Seeing me write my year out like this allows me to step back and realise no matter which year I’m in, I’m moving forward in the right direction. No matter whats happening in my life I feel I’m coping with it a lot better then I used to.

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HoCo 2018: ‘I’m Making Progress’

I’ve done better with this No Telly Tuesday; I haven’t forgotten about it. I’ve been productive at Getting Some Shit done. I’ve also popped into my new job to hand in some last pieces of paperwork. Hopefully, my last reference is going to be sorted too. I have everything crossed that I’ll finally get a final official job offer.

HoCo 2018 Day 2

I asked my grandad about the exercise bike last night. He said I can get rid. I’m gonna see if I can get some pennies for it and if nothing comes from that take it to the charity shop. I’ve also decided to declutter my file box for the activation challenge. It’s where I put things I need to sort out another time. It’s like my physical to-do-list but my digital to-do-list gets more attention.

I listened to the first guest interview but listening is a strong word. I was getting distracted by other things. I couldn’t or should I say I struggled on a general basis to sit and just listen. I ended up pausing at each distraction so I couldn’t miss anything that was being said. Being in the now and listening is something I need to work on. Even so, I did take things from Jen Louden call:

I used to do monthly updates but I’ve lapsed on these in the past view months; maybe coming up with my own tracking review each month will put me back on track on my yearly goals to have a check in with myself in between each of the quarterly reviews. I could use my diary as my weekly check-in? Give myself a reality check to what appointments, work and to-dos that need doing and the time I have to do the work on my goals. Allowing myself to schedule and focus on some me time.

What I really need to do is celebrate the good things, what goes right when a goal is finished.

I need to be aware of constructing identity. Jen explains this is where current desires are being looked through the lens of the past. For example, using I should have done this etc. But also be aware of what future identities like visualisations that are sabotaging the present. Practice focusing on the now; maybe with meditation. I need to let go of the past and future energies that may not be possible right now to prevent my NOW identity from growing.

I also need to figure out what is good enough for me. What does enoughness look or feel like to me? I believe I hold my enoughness at too high a level. Sabotaging my satisfaction and giving too strong intentions. I need to let go of expectations. That the goals I haven’t reached this year are still a vision, just because I didn’t get there this year doesn’t mean I can’t try again next year.

While writing up these answers I’ve realised that I’ve got some responses for my reflection challenge; things I want to leave behind in 2018. I’ve still yet to figure out how I’m gonna do in terms of ritual.

I feel that I’ve taken this HoCo this year more on board in the last two days then I did for the whole of the first year of doing it. I’m making progress!!