I’m Not Good with Titles

Today has been a good day. A productive day. I only had a few moments where my mind wandered away from me.

A jump start. Quite literally, by the alarm clock turning on to a Nickleback song. Not exactly a gentle wake up.

Had a walk with a customer. My job will pop up now and again. But for now, it’s not relevant. According to my phone, I’ve done 4837 steps. But my phone isn’t always on me.

Once my first shift was done, I was determined to do some yoga.

Did it happen?



The living room, well most of downstairs, was in disarray. My mum was going to do some painting. I offered to help. A form of procrastinating. Mileage calculations piling up. Ahh well, it can be done another time.

For a decent size/length living room wall, 3 coats were needed. 1 1/2 done by me. My limitation; my arm. Boy did it hurt. I did 1/2 the wall of the first coat. After that my thumb couldn’t press a button to send a message. The other coat I did was done in stages between mum and me.

I did do a weeks worth of mileage in the end. But still, many more to go. I also made a meal, a veggie one. Still snacked a bit today. Drunk two goes of my drinking bottle.

The second shift went well. Did worry a colleague didn’t go to a customer. She clearly didn’t need to go there. My mind making something of nothing.

Had a good imagining of me and my fiance looking at houses. A bad one of him coming home drunk regularly. Better than previous ones I’ve had.

Well, thats my time to clock out. Let’s see how long it takes me to get to sleep tonight.

Sweet dreams. Over and out.

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