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Goal Storming

I’ve been looking into my big dreams and goals. What do I want most out of life? I must know to some degree what I want out of life, right?

Then why does my head go blank each time I think of them? It’s taken me a week but I have six big dreams and four goal declarations.

These are:

Six Big Dreams:

  1. Welcoming, warm home where I am comforted and host friends and family
  2. Live a personally, healthy lifestyle. Mind Body and Soul. Eat well. Be active. Honour my body. Healthy boundaries and relationships.
  3. Travel the world. Make it part of our lifestyle. Learn the culture, language and enjoy the time away.
  4. Make a difference in peoples lives. Help them be independent, complete a goal/dream of theirs, to make them smile each and every day.
  5. Make a difference to the animals in this world. Help them find new homes. Protect their habitats. Be vegan/vegetarian full time. Love all I come across.
  6. Have a deep and playful connection with myself. Meditate. Me time. Breathe. Check in with myself. Feel all. Journal. Move my body. Smile. Do what makes me happy.

Four Declaration Goals:

  1. Exercise at least 4x a week – Timeframe: within three months
  2. Develop a daily journaling practice – Timeframe: within six months
  3. Research where I want to travel – Timeframe: within three months
  4. Research how to help others – Timeframe: within six months


My journalling habit started yesterday. Day two today. Going well so far. Don’t you think?

I’ve asked a friend for a journal for my birthday. It’ll make a change to the refill notepad I’m currently writing in. Plus I feel if someone has bought me a nice looking journal for such a purpose. I’ll feel the need to do so.

Fingers crossed to developing the habit.

On a relationship note. I told my fiance he’s cooking on Friday. With the rules:

  • No takeaways
  • No restaurants
  • No pizza
  • No help from me
  • No help from and especially from his mum!!!

We’ve been together two and half years. In this time I remember him trying to cook but his mum practically taking over. Other times he just shrugged and said we’ll eat out.

Am I wrong to want more from my other half?

Surely having a meal cooked for you, where you don’t have to lift a finger or even have to ask is a lot to ask for?

Shall we see what Friday brings?

Off to hide behind a cushion. Goodnight.


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