A Shadow

I had a new starter shadowing me today. When I got told this morning. My reaction: O God!

When I meet new staff I always hope they are good workers. Otherwise, it makes the job twice as hard.

But I was in luck. She was a natural. For someone who has never worked in my industry before she was a god send. Here’s hoping she keeps it up.

I’ve felt good today. Not as productive in my breaks as I could have been. Yoga, hair, washing, one proper meal and a sing/dance along to my iPod. That was great. Otherwise, I just had a Greys Anatomy marathon.

If it wasn’t for my headache and the time, I’d continue watching it. So moreish. Why I didn’t watch it sooner I’ve no idea.

An update on Fridays meal: he has some ideas! A day closer to seeing what he picks.

Anyway, my bed is calling. Goodnight.


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