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A Birthday, a Journal and a Goal about Baths.

Don’t you love the smell of a new, fair trade, leather type journal? Writing with a new pen? A good choice of gift. I’m glad because I don’t think I would have chosen it for myself.

Today has been a very good day. Actually, the weekend has been a new lease of life in a way. Maybe the excitement and business have prevented me from letting my thoughts wonder. Will have to see how it goes.

Will have to see how it goes.

*Will have to remember to do that relaxation module*

Celebrated with great friends. The gifts I did receive (apart from the bath bombs) were great. And I was able to save and spend some money on what mattered and I liked.

Bath bombs! You’re probably thinking ‘what has she got against bath bombs?’ Well, the bath bombs themselves, I’ve nothing against them. It’s the baths. They cause me to have anxiety attacks. I’m not as bad as I used to be. I couldn’t even give you the cause. But they are not my favourite thing.

I’m now at a point where I can sit in lukewarm water sat up to my hips for around five minutes. With another person in the room with me. But I want to get over it and relax in one.

Goal: Relax in a bath

I want to be able to be in for at least twenty minutes and use a bath bomb. O and no one else in the room with me.

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