Not Feeling Great

I didn’t sleep well last night.  I had three full hours then woke feeling like I needed to be sick. Luckily I haven’t but the feeling is coming and going. Sickness, leading to a busy day. Plus people calling in sick. Least I was able to pick up an hour and 1/4 over today and tomorrow.

Here’s hoping to top up my wage. By not a lot but ‘every little helps’ said by Tesco.

I had a little bit of time to sort my presents out. And so far I’ve done well to put them to good use. It may take some a while. Possibly until I have a house of my own. But here’s hoping for a shorter wait.

I even got my wedding fund piggy bank out. I do love a pig.

I still feel slightly sick writing this. Plus I have a headache. And instead of writing this and going to bed. What do I do? Look at potential blog themes and try to start setting one up. But the name changed all plans. The name I’d thought of, naturally, someone else had thought of it too. A few many someones.

I tried combinations. Plus changing of the name. But I thought ‘Stop.’ Do not just make a site for the sake of making one. Get to pen and paper and think of names beforehand.


Goal: Think of a Blog Name

Wow, two goals thought of in two days. I’m on a roll. Anyway, I best hop to and get sorted to bed. Another long day tomorrow. I’m not gonna feel better staying up all night.

Sweet dreams all.


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