Honesty in my Words

Tired and drained again. My own fault. I’m not complaining. Just giving my status.

We were sent a survey from work yesterday asking us to respond to questions about our job. Well, today I completed it. I think it’s been the first time I’ve been honest with my responses at the time of answering. Even the question ‘Would I recommend us to a friend?’.

I have a feeling I may get a phone call back at some point. I believe the director knows who gives the answers.

Today was also the day I set up my blog; My Mind Medicine. You may be reading this and think ‘I’ve already read previous posts’. This is due to the fact I write in a journal first at my own leisure. So, in reality, this post is two weeks behind the day I actually wrote it.

I had doubts against myself and the blog after a few hours of setting it up. I suppose I doubt myself regularly about most things. But this is writing to the world. Anyone can read it. Even though I know, no one knows who is behind the words. I’m not confident enough about getting my writing out there.

I would like to get the blog going in order to help me and my mind. Hopefully building up my confidence along the way. I’m not expecting big achievements or milestones. Just honesty with myself and the words I write.

Last, of all today, brings the start of six glorious days off. Let’s see what I can get up to.

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