Relationship, Writing

An Animal Film

9 am on Tuesday. I’ll be meeting my manager to discuss my potential job opportunity.

I had more of an interest today. Like I didn’t have to think. Maybe because I was in my comfort zone. I even won a free game of mini golf.

We saw War of the Planet of the Apes. When I go see films that have animals in, I feel torn. I don’t know how to feel. I know no animals were actually hurt but I’m seeing animals get hurt. It disheartens me. I did enjoy the film. Made me laugh and cry. I really loved the relationship between the girl and the apes.

It was when I got to my other half’s place that I began to feel different again. That I was there but I wasn’t. We went for a walk. That just gave me a headache and twice this evening I felt sick.

But even with the disinterest. I satisfied my other half needs. I still feel there’s something wrong with me.

Day 2 of annual leave. Roll on day 3.

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