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That Fog Feeling

I read a blog post today which I connected to. The author talking, explaining her type of depression. I find it hard sometimes to explain how I feel even when I know why I feel a certain way.  But this author got it in one.

But this author got it in one.

I know I’m not the only one out there. It’s great to see someone explain to everyone what I can’t. That someone is making a difference. I connected with this post enough to reblog it. Many people as possible should read her words.

I felt in a fog for most of the day. Only really getting out of it this afternoon.

At first, we went to see my grandparents. My grandad is constantly tired. This is because he has to care for my grandma full time. Even though my grandma has been physically and mentally ill for a couple of years now. She at times won’t accept my grandad’s help never mind anyone else, not even family.

It gets so hard seeing them for long. I do feel bad about this. Guilty. But I know it’s hard to help someone who won’t accept it.

From there we went to Cawood; to do a Treasure Trail. The two hours we spent there, looking around for clues helped the fog lift for a while. Luckily for today, it didn’t come back.


This evening we saw Dunkirk. It was an interesting view on the events but I didn’t emotionally connect with it in the way I do with most disaster/true event films. That was a shame but a watch all the same.

Well, my eye is hurting so that’s my queue to leave now. Have a good sleep all.


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