Mental Health, Relaxation

Get rid to Destress

I woke this morning to find 2 likes on the post I reblogged last night. My first two likes. Yes I know it’s for someone else’s work. But I know at least two people have read the post I wanted to share with the world.

I’ve also decided to get rid of one piece of technology I own. My tablet. I only had it for Instagram as I wanted to keep social media off my phone. I’ve come to a compromise. I will have Instagram on my phone to get rid of the tablet. Then use my laptop for everything else.

Using the tablet was causing me to more stress than good. I am a social media admin on Instagram for an animal charity. I don’t have a personal account. I used to but I don’t want it. Having the app on the tablet wasn’t motivating me to help the charity at all.

Least this way I can go on the laptop, check emails and other social media posts/messenger. Then email myself the posts to go onto Instagram on my phone. It may take longer but not as long as using the tablet and a lot less stressful.


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