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Puppy Alert

I got to hold a six-week old Husky pup today. It was the cutest; cuddled in my arms trying to kiss me. It wasn’t something I expected when I planned to see my Grandma in her care home. It happened to be the summer fayre. One of the staff members brought them in for people to hold.


I think I used to pup as a safety net from my feelings towards seeing my grandma. She has become so thin and fragile. It’s heart breaking to see her that way. Cancer taking over her.

It may be heart breaking but I wouldn’t not want to see her. I don’t want to feel this way but I would feel worse if I didn’t see her at all. Even worse for when the time does come and not say goodbye.

I went to a lovely meal. When I say lovely, it was the company who made it so. The food not so much. Me trying to be veggie when I go out; leading to possibly full-time veggie. But they had little options. Even then it wasn’t tasty.

I much prefer the veggie burgers from Lidl.

After the meal, it was a night out. I don’t last long on them. Usually, just like tonight, I’m home before midnight. I’m no drinker. So there are nights I just can’t get into it. When there are peopleĀ dancing I can do that sober. But when people aren’t and are drinking just to get drunk.

It doesn’t interest me.

I’d much rather be at home watching Netflix in bed and sleep.

Talking of which I may try to get another episode of Untold Stories of the ER in. Night all.

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