Mental Health, Writing

A Recharge

Six wonderful days off work coming to an end. Regardless of my foggy mind and negativity; it’s been good to have a recharge.

After a quiet conversation day. Finishing season 1 of Untold Stories of the ER. Please, Netflix put another on. A walk around the village and a DC deck building care game. Woo, I won. I came home and got myself somewhat back into work mode.

iPod on the speakers, raspberry candle lit, sort out of my room, organised myself for work. Once that was done, I did some of my mileage. O boy, have I been neglecting the mileage. I did a week’s worth this evening.

Realising I’m under two months behind! How bad is that?

I don’t wanna say it’s only my mileage. Thank god it’s not my washing. But I need to get out of leaving things and procrastinating rather than actually getting some thing done.

Not just my mileage, but my goals. The ones I set for myself, my relaxation module I was given by my therapist and looking after myself. Mentally and physically. Which are my two goals of quarter 3 of the year.

As I’m not quite tired yet. I’m gonna have a hug with a fluffy pup and then read. As reading is something else I’ve been neglecting.


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