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Verbal Diarrhoea Mode

I had my first Positive Steps group today. All the way through, I thought I need to be put back on anti-depressants. That my physical symptoms also fit depression, low mood and anxiety.

Thoughts going through my mind that I want to be tested for lactose intolerance but is the depression/anti-depressants going to over shadow it.

I was more myself with my other half after the session. Still very tired towards the end of the day. Had worries over

Had worries of over loading myself for the weekend. But was able to sort it out. In the worried mood, I had to ask my mum for a backup favour. I got back to normal-ish and had a family meal out at Pizza Hut.

Did well with savings. Three shops today, I went in and in all nearly got a tenner off. £30 more I could have spent.

Wow, I feel my mind/pen is on verbal diarrhoea mode.

There’s no train of thought. Just writing is coming out of the pen.

Whether this made sense or not to you today. I hope it was a good read regardless.

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