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Scared to be Home Alone

I’m scared. Scared to be home alone. Thankfully, I have the dogs here this time to cuddle. Just look at him. Whats not to love.


There was a time I looked forward to being home alone. But now I’m scared. It’s unsettling to feel this way. There’s no reason to feel this way. But just like the dogs, I’m jumping at every noise. I may just join them in barking. I wonder if it would actually help?

Yep, definitely going insane.

Back to the office tomorrow. Another scary environment. Boy, do I put myself in them. My alarm is set for two hours before I need to leave. As I’ve been leaving this evening. I’ve not washed my hair or made my lunch.

Plus I have to think of the dogs. I haven’t even done my list for the office. I now really need to get up at that time. I’m panicking again.

O boy is panic my best friend right now.

I think breathing techniques to help relaxation may be a go before I sleep. And I don’t even feel tired.

Wish me luck.

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