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More Fool Me

Call it luck or the right way up. But when my alarm went off this morning. I did it. I got up. No hitting snooze or putting the alarm on for a later time.

I so totally have done that before.

Go me. I did all I had set myself to do. All was going well until I was driving to work. I started to feel the anxiety firing up in my chest. I had to breathe to stop myself falling apart.

But all for nothing.

It went well. I did have the shakes at times. Mainly when having to contact colleagues. It’s scary when I know how they are feeling. It’s like I’m a hypocrite. But I can’t help it as that’s my job role entails.

So, I’m going to try to prevent myself having to get in their business by doing the best job I can and help along the way when I can. Hopefully, we can find a happy medium.

Being home alone has been better this evening. Even did some of my jigsaw puzzle. Here’s hoping the fog is starting to lift. I only want to go upwards from here.

Writing is something I believe has helped. Getting the words that are floating around my head, out. Guess I didn’t wanna listen when my mum said “write your feelings down” when I was younger.

More fool me.

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