Anxiety, Career, Life, Mental Health

An Anxious Day

I woke up early again to do some yoga. I was in good spirits. Then I arrived at my first customer. A new customer. It was like I’d never done the job before.

Neither of us knew how to or even the best way of getting dressed. When asking where things were the customer had no idea. Nor did the husband. It was like all three of us had walked into the house for the very first time.

Then from there, it took me fifteen minutes to do a three-minute journey. After multiple calls to the office. I finally found where I needed to be. By this time I was shaking inside. My chest tight with stress and/or anxiety.

Brave face on and my customer was portraying how I felt. Finding it hard to calm his poor lady. Who again I’d never met before. It was difficult. It’s OK when you know them and understands their ways in order to calm and distract.

This feeling had clouded over me for the rest of the day. Affecting my body, my mind and ultimately my job.

I clearly fell to telly this evening. Struggling with the reduce telly goal. O and I brought a caramel and chocolate flapjack and ate. No wonder the left of my lip is quivering.

A new day tomorrow.

A new start.

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