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A Shaky Phonecall

I’ve been there when a customer has needed an ambulance. It’s not nice but I was calm and collected. Not the same for when it’s your relative.

This evening I had to call one for my step dad. My mum shouted me. I found her with my step dad in her arms on the back door step, foot bleeding. My step dad doesn’t do blood. So, after dropping a kitchen cabinet on his toe, he collapsed.

I first saw him, he was unconscious, white and had blue lips. I was very shaky when on the phone. Not as calm and collected this time.

After three hours in A&E, an x-ray later. My step dad had a bandage placed on and told not to eat anything after midnight. To be at the main hospital at 7 am for a clinical assessment. Apparently, he has a possible broken toe nail and has a laceration to the toe that’ll require stitches.

Thankfully, we are lucky enough to be able to laugh at the situation afterwards. That’s just how my step dad is. Asking the paramedics if they have cider. But I know not everyone is able to.

For anyone who has rung an ambulance and/or has a family member with health needs. My heart goes out to you. It ain’t always easy.

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