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Good and Bad

I would like to believe the world could have the good without the bad. Unfortunately, something as simple as turning on the news doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Charities. Something that we all trust to help others. Strive to make parts of the world and the people in it better. To hear one has been using the donations given by generous people, who may have their own financial difficulties, for personal and managerial gain. Not using putting it towards the people who they vowed to help.

This is one of the bad things I heard today. Something that doesn’t, maybe shouldn’t cause me to be saddened this way but does.

Volunteering is something I do. Seeing inside a charity. How it struggles. How it helps. How it gets through all based solely on volunteers and donations. It’s an amazing feeling to help.

That there are people out there who are untrustworthy, thieves and failed to potentially save many peoples lives. Saddens me.

My second bad news I heard was about family. My cousin, my uncle’s daughter who was born last Thursday. Was placed on a breathing ventilator and put on antibiotics. The good news is she’s able to breathe for herself now.

The bad news is that my auntie-in-law, the baby’s mother, is now on a breathing ventilator. Having a new born is supposed to be the happiest time, bringing her home, introducing to the family. But life is already hard and scary for an innocent child.

Little child. I pray for you and your mother. Get better quickly, to be able to be united with you dad and meet your older sisters.

Seeing as my two out of three is bad. Heres some good news.

My step dad is well. Snoring as he should be. After five hours in the hospital this morning and three doctors umming and arring whether to put stitches on his toes. He’s hobbling well with sterristraps and bandages on. Seeing how it heals until his next appointment.

And breathe. Think positive and positive things will happen.

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