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Relaxation Techniques Continued…

I don’t know what happened. I had written this post up and had scheduled it ready and then I couldn’t find it. It had disappeared into thin air. I was very happy with that post. Even the start, I felt was great. Now I can’t even remember what I had written.

Putting into practice what I have learnt. Breathing in and out. Through the situation and calming myself. Let’s try again.

It’s been a couple weeks since I last looked at my relaxation module set by my counsellor. Truth be told, it was the publishing of my first Relaxation Techniques post is what spurred me on to complete it. Thank you blog.

In the first half of my module, I had learnt two relaxation techniques. Now there is another to learn.

The Relaxation Response

This is a form of meditation. Helps to draw on your natural ability to restore balance. Focusing your attention on a particular word. Enabling detachment from daily life and quiets your mind.

When I first read that I had to focus on a word. My reaction was WTF! How can you relax when you have to focus on a word. But then I thought, surely it’s the same as visualising a place or thing. I won’t know until I try.

In the video, it says that if you witness any thoughts, let them pass. There is no need to act on these thoughts.

How to:

Sit down in a comfortable position. The video does say don’t lie down. So, don’t lie down. Close your eyes. Relax all your muscles; from your toes to your face. Breathe in and out. On the exhales repeat the word “one”.

Please note this is the word used in my module video. I’m sure any word would do. Try positive words, I’d say. 

Don’t use an alarm. Try sensing when it’s time to stop. Ideally, complete this exercise for ten minutes. Once completed, open your eyes and take a couple minutes to sit a bit longer.

My thoughts:

I thought I was relaxed before trying this technique. But even with doing my yoga beforehand, I found my muscles were still tight and I was breathing fast. I was saying the word “one”, twice as much as the lady in the video. I think I need to try this one more to allow my breathing to slow.

Alternative Techniques:

There are also alternative techniques to aid in relaxation. If none of the ones shown work for me; I can try these:

  • Yoga > Hatha yoga is a slow paced yoga which promotes a relaxed state. I haven’t heard of this one. Think I may need to search for it.
  • Music
  • Meditation
  • Hot Baths > think I need to practice my goal of having baths.
  • Massage > hopefully my monthly one will help.
  • Steam rooms and Saunas > Never been to one myself. What do you think of them?

Make Relaxation Apart of Daily Life

All the techniques learnt. I now need to make time to practise the techniques daily and find the one that’s best for me. I want positive results after all. I need to come up with a goal plan.

To help with this I need to know what I want to achieve from the techniques. I was given the following questions to answer:

  1. What would I most like to achieve by practising these relaxation techniques?
    > Relaxed muscles
    > Calm breathing
    > To be able to use the techniques at times of stress and anxiety
  2. What changes would I like to experience from using these relaxation techniques?
    > I want to be able to control my stress and anxiety levels.
    > Be able to relax within myself and be able to handle the situation I’m in
  3. How would I like to feel after practising these relaxation techniques?
    > Relaxed
    > Be at ease with my mind and body
    > Breathing Calmly.

To help ensure the daily practice of the relaxation techniques I was given three steps to follow:

  1. Take responsibility
  2. Make a commitment
  3. Be willing to take a risk

Sometimes we may falter. I’m already imagining myself doing so. Which clearly isn’t good. It’s normal. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Simply pick it back up again.

The end of my relaxation module. Now I just have to put in the work. Practice makes perfect and all that. I hope you have relaxation in your daily life. Enjoy your own journey to relaxation.

Is there anything you do to relax which isn’t in my posts?

If you would like to read the first Relaxation Techniques post. Click Here.


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