I had more time on my hands than originally planned today. But I’m not getting into that as it made me swear at the time. I try not to swear on normal bases. I normally say something like bananas as a substitute.

My no telly day did not run onto today. I’m afraid, I’ve watched documentaries all afternoon/night. It’s funny how tastes change over the years. When I was younger, I wouldn’t even take a chance on a documentary. Now I love them.

Obviously not them all. There are some that don’t interest me. The ones today though have been emotional ones. I think I’m drawn to them.

I did start my research of helping others. I wrote some things down. But not ready to share. Not 100% on own feelings on the list really. But there’s no rush. Need to take my time before I commit myself to things.

I don’t want to mess anyone about or my mind. Something will inspire me, I’m sure.

Hope your day has treated you well.

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