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Monthly Review: August 2017

Well, August has been a rollercoaster ride. Up and down, side to side and just one straight drop to the bottom. I have found it hard to process my mind this month. That big fog has been so dark at times. I’m surprised that I have come out the other side, somewhat sane.

Considering how I feel right now, typing this post. It’s been a good one regarding getting my Mental Health goal on track. I was very, nope don’t wanna get back on my medication, I wanna get better without anti-depressants, I don’t need them. Well, what can I say?

I’m back on them.

But, I see now that I should be on them. I think I would have got worse, got even deeper into the pit I was going. Which isn’t good for anyone and I don’t want it to affect all parts of my life for the bad.

Feeling like this has caused me to hinder my goals. But I have been able to push through to get small bits done. Shall we begin?


This has been great. This has helped me with my rut. Writing everything that comes to mind down and not caring whether people like what I say or not. It’s a good feeling. There was one day that I didn’t write anything. I couldn’t tell you if it was because I was so tired or if I forgot or both. It just didn’t happen for me that day.

Usually, I would get myself down about it. But I am wanting to just accept what I do or don’t do and move on. Whether it is continuing where I left off or start from the beginning.


The goals that I have thought of while journalling are now in a note book as well. I can clearly see the list. I can add to it. Can tick things off. So far, only 1 is still ticked. A few are ongoing ones. These journaling goals are along side my goal declaration goals I have come up with during Holiday Council and the Joy Equation as well.

Least then, there all in one place. I can see clearly which I may wanna do today or tomorrow. And mostly if I have completed any. Instead of going through each and every one like I did last month. Today I am going to pick out a few I have something to say about. But I have taken the photo so you can see them all, hopefully.


  • Relax in a Bath > This I have had a go at this month. Just the once but it’s one step closer. 15 minutes, lukewarm water with my other half in the room with me. There is a post coming up about this, so keep your eyes peeled for more info.
  • No Chocolate > I’m surprising doing well with this. There are days I may have a piece of chocolate. But more days with no chocolate.
  • Learn a new language > I have been using Duolingo to learn Italian. I am finding it hard at times and not doing it every day but I’m giving it a go. Some words are sticking in my head.
  • Develop a daily Journal Practice > Other than that one day where I forgot/was too tired, that I didn’t write anything. I’ve written throughout nearly 2 months, daily. Not going to tick this just yet.
  • Exercise at least 4x a week > Well, I haven’t been prioritising my exercise. Certainly haven’t exercised more than 4x in the last couple weeks. Need to get back at it.

At a Glance

I’ve been able to tick off a few on my list this month. Some I could have made more of an effort to complete. The seeing family, I could have easily turned the telly off and got off my arse. The experience, I could have pushed a little harder or taken charge of the organising of it.

  • 100 > √
  • Yoga > 12 times again. Let’s aim for half of the month next month.
  • Other halves passport > √ I had to prompt this a few times. Got to the point I sat him in front of the laptop to complete his form. Told him how to write the address on the envelope. Surely, a 26-year-old should know this?
  • Visit brother and the kids > Nope. Have messaged when it was sister-in-law birthday, saying we need to organise something. That was it.
  • Call/visit Dad and Grandma > I’m afraid I didn’t do either for my grandma. I did do both for my Dad.
  • Jurassic Park Experience > This is what I should have taken upon myself to organise. It didn’t happen and I’m a bit regretful that I wasn’t able to go to it.

There you have it. All that’s been done or in some cases not done throughout August. What are you most proud or achieved in August?

3 thoughts on “Monthly Review: August 2017”

  1. I can see that your month has been really good, and we have some similarities as well. I’m learning Japanese and French with Duolingo (not recommended, I’m not going to continue French because I need to learn Japanese, NEED) and some extra more. I hope that you’re all well and here’s to us and a brand new start with September and that we fill our days with at least one wonderful memory to keep. ❤

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    1. Thank you for the comment. Before I did my review, I thought I hadn’t done anything towards my goals in August. Reading over it again and your comment made me realise I have had a good month 🙂 How’s Japanese learning? September is a new month. We’ll be able to make it a great month ❤


      1. It really has been a wonderful month and we’re very blessed to get to spend a whole new September just waiting for us to feel. Japanese learning is actually really easy language-wise, it’s just a little harder having to read in a new alphabet that looks very different. Lots of love! ❤

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