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Too many Goals?

Is there such a thing as having too many goals?

I seem to be setting a new one each week. Maybe you can have an infinity of goals?

You just can only focus on a couple at a time. Yesterday I set the goal to learn a new language.

Today, I downloaded Duolingo on my phone. To have a go at learning a little each day. For now I’ve chosen Italian.

Today, I also set myself a mini goal for tomorrow. You remember my goal to be able to relax in a bath? Well, I’m gonna try a bath tomorrow.

I think I need to write a list of all my goals. So, I can see them in one place. Possibly, pin them up somewhere I’m gonna see regularly.

Do you think you can set yourself too many goals?

You can now sign up to Molly Mahar new Council: The Courage Council. It’s starting on the 11th September for 21 days. There are two price ranges depending if you want extras or not. Like I said, it’s new this year so, only know whats gonna happen by the info Molly provides but if it’s anything like how her Holiday Council goes. I’m gonna love it.

Maybe you could too. Click the picture to access the web page. Have fun.



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