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Getting away from the Negative

I feel like I’m negative. That my mind goes to the dark side of things automatically. That I don’t give a chance on the positive unless I’m that way of thinking. This shouldn’t be the case.

I need to push through. Help myself or ask for help when I need it. Also when I don’t think I need it. I want things to change overnight.

I know this can’t happen but my mind still thinks this way.

I told my mum for the first time the other day that I had referred myself to Rightsteps. Today, she asked if I was OK and gave me a big hug. Told me she hasn’t forgotten about our mother/daughter weekend away next year.

I’ve opened up to one of the girls in the group about most things going on in my life. Baby steps right.

I need to be positive. Have gratitude for my life and the people in it. Including my achievements.

Positivity = the road to happiness. Plus acceptance that everything takes time.

You can now sign up to Molly Mahar new Council: The Courage Council. It’s starting on the 11th September for 21 days. There are two price ranges depending if you want extras or not. Like I said, it’s new this year so, only know whats gonna happen by the info Molly provides but if it’s anything like how her Holiday Council goes. I’m gonna love it.

Maybe you could too. Click the picture to access the web page. Have fun.


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