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Trip to the Vets

I first woke to feel uplifted. I thought “No, I’m not gonna get back into bed. I’m gonna do something.”

I wrote up a couple of my blog posts and read a few I follow. After just under an hour, I could feel my energy decline. I got back into bed and woke my other half up. He got up but it took a while to get me up. Bless him, he kept at it until I did get up.

Even brought in a dog for me to cuddle. In the end, I’m glad he did. I had a missed call from my mum. She wanted me to come home to take my eldest fluff ball to the vets. She wasn’t weight bearing on her back leg.

Being a bank holiday Sunday was helpful. Had to make an extra long trip to the emergency vets. But all worth it for her little cuteness.




The vet told us that her Patella is moving too much. Surgery would be the only thing to correct it. She gave us an anti-inflammatory for now. For us to ring our normal vets when open, to discuss ongoing treatment.

I felt like it’s one thing after another. Not all bad today though. Had a lovely meal with the in-laws. My eyes are watering through writing this. I’m gonna put it down to a long day.

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