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Not Taking Care of Myself

There were moments today where I felt clear minded. Like the fog has begun to lift again. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t wanna get out of bed. Possibly mornings are hardest for me right now. Then night time is emotional.

Then night time is emotional. I have an x amount of emotions flowing through me each day. It’s hard to keep track of them all.

I have been self-neglecting. Not eating right. Not washing clothes, bedding or towels. Leaving my hair dirty and greasy to the very last itchy moment. Not opening up. Essentially, I’m abusing myself.

I’m not taking care of myself.

There’s only so much other people do. I’m the only one who can set about changing. Putting into practice and getting odd my arse and doing.

Had fluff ball to the vets today. She is off for an x-ray on Thursday to see what can be seen and the best way forward.

Tomorrow, I have a supervision at work. Will see what that entails. I’m guessing they’re gonna wanna know why I’m having time off for appointments; for my councilling sessions.

I really need to get a start of the work from them.


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