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I’m Writing for Me

There are times before I come to my journal, and think “What have I got to write about?” “What’s on my mind?”

It’s not until I put pen to paper that the words come, I didn’t realise was there. I don’t believe myself to be a writer. I just write what comes out the pen, that’s on my mind. I’ve done a post in the form of a poem before. Poetry isn’t something I read or think about. At the time my friend was writing and I felt inspired.

I think I need an outlet in some way. Such as this to learn about myself. To work out what goes on in this head of mine. In away I’m surprised I’m being successful at journaling daily. Pleased though.

I’ve tried writing before. But it didn’t work out. I didn’t get in the habit and found it stressful. I was putting pressure on myself to write. To share with the world. To have it perfect to get followers etc.

But now I don’t have the pressure on myself. I’m writing for me. Yes, I’m sharing but I’ve got into the mindset that my writing is for me. Once I’ve shared it people can think, say or do what they like about it.

I’m doing it my way. If people read then that’s great. Thank you, readers. If people like, follow, share. Well, that’ll be amazing. It’s a nice thought that I could potentially help someone with what I write.

But at the same time, I need to be selfish right now. Put me and my writing first. Statistics are great but they won’t benefit my writing if they don’t help me.

Right now, I believe writing is helping.

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