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Is Leg Twitching a Symptom?

This past week I’ve noticed my body twitching a lot more. Especially my right leg. For as long as I remember I’ve had the odd foot twitch when resting before bed. But I’m not 100% sure if it’s the anti-depressants I started a couple of weeks ago or something else.

It’s becoming like my minds expecting them to happen. I haven’t done my yoga in a couple of weeks. I have been walking a bit but maybe my exercise could help my muscles from twitching.

I did download the 7-minute workout app which I tried today. I’ve been doing gentle yoga as my exercise normally so doing 7-minutes of a full body workout was horrible. But I did it and I believe my yoga has helped me in order to do some of the exercises it asked me to do.

When I say asked, I mean told.

But I did it and I need to get back to my exercising. I’ll mention my twitches to my doctor when I see him. It may not be painful but it’s uncomfortable at times.

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