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Going Backwards?

My tiredness seems to have come back slightly. I’ve been resting more lately due to the lack of hours at work.

I felt better in myself compared to a couple of weeks ago. But right now I feel I’ve gone backwards. Maybe the lack of hours has hindered me but I feel they haven’t. I’ve been more productive.

I’ve been more productive. I’ve tried to do something that’s putting me forward towards my goal. I guess I could be over working my mind. Other than telly watching. Yep, my goal of reducing telly/no telly days hasn’t been one of the goals I’ve been working towards.

I haven’t done a lot that is classed as fun/relaxing the mind. Yesterday, I did do some of my jigsaw puzzle for a little bit. I have been reading but I’m reading Rising Strong by Brene Brown. So, it’s a learning/self-help book rather than a get lost in your imagination book.

I need to do and make time to have fun/relax the mind. I’m not sure what I could do though. Any ideas?

I’m sure my girls night tomorrow will help.


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