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Dinner and Halo Monopoly

I’m feeling more positive this evening. Tired but positive. I did a step towards one of my goals. I had a bath. I’m finding the sitting in the water less stressful. Having the water with some warmness to it.

It’s the laying down that causes my breathing to quicken and my body to stiffen. I can do that part for a minute or two while holding my partner’s hand. But after that, I need to get out of the bath.

Once I was back to my somewhat, alive, usual self, we went to our friends’ house, G. We walked to Aldi, brought things for dinner. We played Halo Monopoly. I came second. As soon as Monopoly was mentioned on organising today; I thought “O, God. I’m gonna hate it”.

I didn’t. I really enjoyed myself this afternoon. It was just what I needed. It gave me the positive boost in the right direction. The right way to begin the week.

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