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What is there to be down about?

Feeling in a low mood.

Should have a reason to be.

But there is none.

When I feel this way, it stresses me out. Making me worse. A part of me thinks you’re in a low mood, so why? What is there to be down about?

Because I can’t think or figure out why. I struggle to get my head around it even more. I read somewhere, I can’t remember who said it.

Own what your feeling. If your in a low mood and want to get in bed. Then do so. Once you’ve done it. You’ll feel better. Or at least better enough to do something else.

I suppose this has worked for me. I know I should be doing something on my to do list. My mood takes over. I curl up and watch films. There are times I have stopped part way through a film and thought “What am I doing? I need to be doing something”.

Kicking me into gear to do something I need to do. Other times I have to force myself. Something I’ve had to do today. To take in my repeat prescription. To fill up my windscreen wash that has been empty for days. Exercise. Walk the dogs.

I have a list of things to do. As they have no deadlines they don’t get done. Just because I’m in a low mood. Just because I’m struggling to cope with parts of like others find easy and don’t think about.

I’m not wrong to feel this way. There has to be a specific reason for the cause. There are multiple things, all happening at the same time. Whether I fully understand my mental or physical reactions. Or able to answer what is there to be down about or not is irrelevant.

I need to take things slowly. Step by step. Deal with what’s in front of me at the time. Talk about it. Write each evening is something I need to do. All this was inside me and I didn’t know it until I got here.

Whether my mind makes sense or not. I’m on the road to recovery. Slowly but surely. My blog is called My Mind Medicine after all.

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