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Social Media Update and Christmas Charities

Both my goal of Remove all social media by Dec 31st, 2017 and my activation task of telling the charity I would like to stop being a social media volunteer have been started.

I have removed my Twitter and Google+ accounts.

I have informed the charity of my decision towards social media. I got a positive response, which is great. They’re supporting me with my decision and glad I still want to volunteer at the shelter.

I have my name down for three days up until Christmas 2017. This charity, who I have supported since 2012, is one of the two charities I have chosen this year to make a charity shoebox. For all the animals who will be in the shelters over Christmas.

As Yorkshire Animal Shelter, the charity I support is mostly cats. I have chosen Dogs Trust in Leeds as my second.


Today has also been the day of our doggies photoshoot. Which was in aid of charity. The £20 we paid will go straight to Dogs Trust. We then get a discount on the overall cost of any photos, frames or canvas we decide to purchase. It was really fun. Bribery was necessary for a couple of sit and stay shots.

Our photo preview is in a couple of weeks. It’ll be nice to see how good the dogs look.

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Courage Council Complete and New Rules

I finished a goal this morning. I have completed The Courage Council. I have completed all three weeks worth of challenges, notes and activations.

Well, not all activations. I still have yet to complete all of my risk actions. I have started on them. Which is a big achievement for me in itself.

Some are ongoing actions I need to ensure I act on throughout my life. Due to this, I am going to make them ground rules.

Rule 2:

Rule 2

Rule 3:

Rule 3.jpg

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Social Media

Social media has always been questionable to me. I followed trends. Signing up to different outlets. Sharing the same thing in different ways.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been reducing my social media. Deleting all but my personal Facebook account. There are times I feel like I’m missing out. That I need to be on social media to communicate and connect with people.

At times I’ve started, deleted and restarted an Instagram, Google+ or Twitter. If I’m honest I did the same for my blog too. Now, I just think, WHY?

Why be on any social media when my mind and heart isn’t in it. The only reason I kept Facebook is that of the charity I support by being a social admin. I love the charity. I still wanna help. But I feel the social media side of things just isn’t for me.

It’s like I’m forcing myself to post. As I don’t wanna leave the charity in the lurch by just deleting my Facebook. I want to do it properly and respectfully. I am going to draft up an email/message post to send to the other social media admins.

This has been something on my mind for a while. But I felt like I had to continue for them. Even with my lack of love towards social media. Like I said, I still wanna help but in person when I can and attend events.

I’m going to delete my Twitter and Google+ for the blog too. I’m not getting rid of the blog. This is something I both need and want to do. I’ve fallen in love with writing. But I started writing for myself. I wanna continue doing so.

I love the WordPress Community and will still like and comment on what I love reading from you all. But it’s not about the statistics. This blog is for me. If I get followers, likes and views; it’s a bonus not a target for me.

This blog is to help me and my mind get better and learn more about each other. I feel no social media should be a goal.

social media

I’m saying this date to allow time for me and the charity to talk and find solutions to the social media part I partake in.

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To my future self…

To my 36-year-old self,

I need to make changes now in order to get the future you deserve. Only I can put the work in, to achieve goals and our vision of success. Making the changes now will set you up for the future. When you and Dave turn 36 you will be living the life you want. You can show and teach our children how to manage their emotions and make a life they want.

I will concentrate on one thing at a time. Focusing and being mindful of everything I do. Time is precious. Wasting it won’t get you anywhere. I will cherish every moment. Every experience. Speak up for what we believe in to ensure you are where you need to be to continue forward in our life.

Love your present 26-year-old self.

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Everyone’s Different

Everyone’s different.

I understand that.

It would be a boring place if we were all the same.

What I don’t understand is why there are people in this world who want to be hateful.

Tear people, organisations and places down for their own amusement and gain.

Most people put a lot of effort and time into having the life they want.

Follow their goals.

Their dreams.

Life is life.

We all have roadblocks somewhere in our life.

We have to process the roadblocks.

Feel the emotions.

Moving forward isn’t always easy.

Time is something we cannot control.

Every year feels faster and faster.

Whether we achieve or fail.

There always seems to be someone waving a danger flag.

Wanting to cause trouble either physically, mentally.

Directly or indirectly.

We all have to face what’s in front of us.

Whether we want to or not.

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A Sense of Control

It may have been Friday the 13th but I felt positive by the day I had. I had lunch with B. Our first proper girls’ outing. It was effortless! I didn’t feel like an imposter at all. I bought my one and only Halloween item and the first present of Christmas 2017. I’ve wrapped it and everything.


I even felt positive about my NVQ meeting. More so afterwards. I was honest about my feelings towards it and my job. She understood and supported me completely. Due to the way my NVQ works, I’m only allowed to finish my NVQ 2 months early. But it’s sooner than before.

After a lovely family film night watching The Fast and The Furious. I’m starting to feel control over my life.

Note: I know today is not Friday the 13th. My posts get published two weeks after I write them down. It happened to be Friday the 13th on that day.