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Friendships Need to be Cherished

After being told about a friend backing out of plans with another. The reason being she was gonna go do something else instead. The day and the party had been planned for months. This friend also pushed for the party to be at my other friends’ house. This made me want to make my first personal ground rule.

rule 1.jpg

I believe most of my ground rules will be unspoken, common sense, well-mannered rules. But most I do agree with and want to live by them.

Annoyed is the emotion I’ve taken from the news of “friends” backing out of a pre-planned party to go to another. Picking one over the other, when you’ve already agreed to go. I find, is very rude, inconsiderate and hurtful.

Fair enough, if you cannot go in the first place or if an emergency comes up. Not even being apologetic, polite and considerate on how you tell the host also isn’t nice either.

To me, friendships are for life. That’s how I see them now. Unfortunately, I haven’t been so lucky with friendships in the past. Some, I will put my hand up and say it was my fault they broke down. Some down to the other person and a few where you think what happened?

I have become better at maintaining friendships over the years. I have friends who I’ve known since college. I know these, will always be around. Friendships need to be cherished. 

The person I am now, am gonna continue to grow to be, cannot fathom why some people throw others to the side.

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