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Doing or Being?

When you go about your day or have an experience. Which mode are you in? Being or doing.

Doing > You do things automatically without thinking. You’re so focused on the aim you forget to enjoy and appreciate what is around you.

Being > When you’re being you’re accepting and present. You welcome what the here and now has to offer. Not focusing on the result. You observe situations calmly, absorbing them and do what’s necessary. Leaving your worries outside yourself.

I would like to say I live in being mode but unfortunately, I don’t. Doing mode is my default. I was taught another breathing meditation. Where all you do is be aware of your breathing. No special way to breathe. Just how you breathe naturally.

Find a quiet place to sit, back straight and close your eyes for five minutes. When you’re finished ask yourself these three questions. My responses are beneath them. 

What did you notice?

I noticed I breathe fast naturally. My mind did wonder slightly but I was able to bring my mind back to being aware of my breathing.

What went well?

Being able to come back to my awareness. That my mind didn’t wander as much as it has in the past.

What was difficult?

I found it difficult to get to grips on how fast I naturally breathe.

To help switch from doing to being mode:

  • Avoid doing several things at the same time
  • Take time out for yourself between activities
  • Meditation/breathing awareness
  • Start and end the day in the here and now
  • Talk and listen consciously
  • Do daily routines with awareness
  • Notice your posture and movements
  • Eat with awareness

When you have an experience, do you reflect on it? Try asking yourself these questions after an experience each day:

How did you feel?
What thoughts did you have doing the experience?
What sensations did you notice in your body?
What thoughts are going through your mind now?

Become aware of your experiences. I know I need to. If like me you default in doing mode. This needs to change to being mode.

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