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Social media has always been questionable to me. I followed trends. Signing up to different outlets. Sharing the same thing in different ways.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been reducing my social media. Deleting all but my personal Facebook account. There are times I feel like I’m missing out. That I need to be on social media to communicate and connect with people.

At times I’ve started, deleted and restarted an Instagram, Google+ or Twitter. If I’m honest I did the same for my blog too. Now, I just think, WHY?

Why be on any social media when my mind and heart isn’t in it. The only reason I kept Facebook is that of the charity I support by being a social admin. I love the charity. I still wanna help. But I feel the social media side of things just isn’t for me.

It’s like I’m forcing myself to post. As I don’t wanna leave the charity in the lurch by just deleting my Facebook. I want to do it properly and respectfully. I am going to draft up an email/message post to send to the other social media admins.

This has been something on my mind for a while. But I felt like I had to continue for them. Even with my lack of love towards social media. Like I said, I still wanna help but in person when I can and attend events.

I’m going to delete my Twitter and Google+ for the blog too. I’m not getting rid of the blog. This is something I both need and want to do. I’ve fallen in love with writing. But I started writing for myself. I wanna continue doing so.

I love the WordPress Community and will still like and comment on what I love reading from you all. But it’s not about the statistics. This blog is for me. If I get followers, likes and views; it’s a bonus not a target for me.

This blog is to help me and my mind get better and learn more about each other. I feel no social media should be a goal.

social media

I’m saying this date to allow time for me and the charity to talk and find solutions to the social media part I partake in.

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