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Monthly Review: October 2017

Another month has come to an end. Life certainly has got quicker. Life might be going quicker but I still need to slow down. I’ve started focusing on one task at a time. She types while eating porridge. 

But then my mind thinks of other things and I start them as well. Maybe I should start writing things down when something pops into my head. Then return to the task at hand.

There’s only one sad event of this month. The passing of my Grandma. I miss you. I know you’re in a better place, free from the pain. Love you Grandma C.

That said, I have felt more positive about the month on moving forward with my goals. I have completed:

  • Positive Steps Workbook
  • The Courage Council
    • Asking my NVQ assessor about completing early. Answer: 2 months early.
    • Talked to my charity about stepping down from the social media volunteer position I held. This is to go back to the practical side of things.
    • Removing all social media. Press the delete button on my final social media account today. Facebook!
  • I’ve had my flu jab
  • Doggies had their photoshoot
  • Had D&B over for dinner
  • Sent a letter to E
  • Got P and G their birthday things
  • Got a screen protector for my phone
  • Did 8 days of yoga
  • Self Care: Massage

I have started:

  • Talking to Dave regarding our connection and pleasures. Both in and out of the bedroom
  • Started to sort my iPod out
  • Started reading my work policies

I’m taking this positivity and gonna continue my Blackboard of tasks that I started for October. For November I have added events as well so I can see what I have to look forward too. And to see that I attend.


I’m glad I started using my calendar to document when I have done something towards my other goals. I can see that I have done something towards each. I’m going to continue this as well. Seeing the numbers of the days I worked on the goals has made me more happy that I’m working towards them.

  • MHFA > 4
  • Breathing Techniques > 16
  • No Telly Days > 3
  • Overcoming Workbook > 5
  • Bath > 2
  • Relaxation > 4
  • Mindfulness > 1
  • BSL > 1

October has seen my looking up and ahead rather than down and back.

How was your October? Did you complete any goals?


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