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Taste of Living Alone

That’s it. I get a taste of living by myself with two doggies for 9 days. I say this like it’s the first time, I’ve been left alone. I’ve been left alone before, some for much longer. Plus there is the time I was living in dorms and houses away at university.

I believe it’s the first time though that I’m being proactive towards bettering my mental health. As I’m taking on more responsibility while my parents are away. It’ll be like a proper taste of living in my own place.

Which, fingers crossed. Dave and I will be looking to start the ball rolling with that in 2018. I may put that on my goal list.

own home.jpg

I’ve got a couple of post-it notes in the kitchen; to remind me if the extra tasks which are usually my step-dads. Luckily, not hard ones. He kindly cut to grass before he left so I don’t have to do that.

Only small jobs but big responsibility on behalf of the animal and house hygiene:

  • Feed Toddles (my step-dads’ Axolotl)
  • Give dogs their second breakfast and chewsticks (my step-dad says we spoil them!)
  • Take the bins out for bin day

I didn’t want to take the chance of forgetting.

Let’s see how I handle not seeing or being able to speak with my mum for the long week. Hopefully being productive will help. Plus, I’m still working. If the weather is alright, wet is our current theme, I can always take the doggies out for a long walk.

Safe flight, parentals.


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