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Quality Time + Social Media Update

It was nice to spend some quality time with Dave this evening. We made dinner. Doggies had theirs. Then we all got comfy on the sofa for a film night.

I tried to focus and enjoy the night. I only looked at my phone when it was a toilet break or between films. Usually, as soon as I hear my phone go off I pick it up.

I enjoyed the films more and the time together not turning to the phone. It’s made me more accepting, well glad is more the word, that I’ve decided social media needs a break.

Social media update: 

Now both my phone and tablet has no social media apps. I have to go on my laptop to look at Facebook. In regards to facebook. I have messaged my family members and a couple of friends my email and number who I knew didn’t have it. Still got a couple friends left for another day. 3 returned either a number or email back. Others said thank you. The ball is in their court to stay in touch once I delete Facebook.

All I’m waiting for now is the appropriate notice on my social media volunteer for my charity support. Then Bye-Bye Facebook! I have thought about doing a goodbye message a few days before. Don’t really wanna go before saying goodbye. But most I haven’t spoken to in years.

Are we still really friends?

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