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2 Tasks Completed

I ticked two things off my blackboard of tasks today:

  • Positive Steps Workbook

After starting the 6-week course in August. Today is the day I finished the work. It may have taken me nearly two months. I’ve learnt some new things about how I cope with my stress and anxiety. What it does to me in my vicious cycle and behaviours. Before I cross the goal off my list I am going to read through it all again to see if there is anything I have missed processing.

  • D & B for dinner

Last month Dave and I invited our friends round for dinner. It isn’t often anyone gets a chance to travel to mine so was a nice change. We are always going to theirs and they feed us half the time. It was nice to do something for them. I made Beef Stew with Apricots with pasta. Then served an Apple and Salted Caramel crumble tart with custard for afters. The crumble tart was shop bought I didn’t make that. One meal to cook from scratch was enough. It was very nice. Very moreish.

When we get our own place, I would love to have dinners more often with friends. Luckily, we have a chance again in November to have them over for dinner. It’ll be back on my blackboard of tasks for November as well.

After a lovely weekend that I am grateful to have had. The morning will be a new week. I hope yours treats you well.

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