Communication: BSL

Communication is the key to most day to day interactions. Working in care. It’s vital.

I completed my Module 5 of my NVQ today. Communication. Clearly a big topic. Most of the things in the module I knew as common sense. Manners, I’ve learnt growing up. But reading all the information made me more mindful this evening completing my bed calls.

I noticed on one, I was speaking fast. It’s something I’ve tried to slow down before.  Mindfulness communication.

The module provided me with many links to further information. One of which was the British Sign Website. As learning sign language is a goal of mine, I was interested. I found they did an introductory BSL course online.

I’ve looked for courses before on and off a few times. But never one I could commit too or afford. But this one was £19.99 for a year’s access to complete.  The course comprised of 8 lessons. As they have had good reviews, I’ve decided to give it ago.

I’ve enrolled and done the first step to learn sign language. I’m not setting myself a deadline other than the year access I have. I want to take my time and really absorb it all.



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