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More Settled being on my Own

Tomorrow will be my last full day before my parents come back from Florida. I’ve coped very well at being at home, doggie sitting, for the last 7 days. The post-it notes for the animals have been helpful.

I have the dog routine down anyways having looked after them on a normal basis. For my step dad’s Axolotl, it’s been a Godsend. Helped me remember which days I’m supposed to be feeding him.

Did nearly miss getting the bin out this morning. There’s me, sat on the toilet when I heard the bin truck. What had I not done? Put the bin out! There’s me, rushing, dragging the bin from the back of the house. In my bed socks and PJs with the floor wet from the rain. All for the bin to be emptied. Thankfully 5 minutes before they came to my street.

I’m usually quite good at getting the bin out the night before. Last night clearly wasn’t my night.

Despite the rushing to get the bin out. I’ve felt better on my own this time around. I think working and the responsibility of the animals has helped me not feel as lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I still had moments of loneliness. At those times I was able to hug a doggie.

It’s been good to have the house to myself. I’ll be glad when they get home though. I do miss them.

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