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Halloween Celebration

When your fiance says “I’m really am bonkers” – you know he’s drunk. I’m not a big drinker but tonight I had a little. I’m not drunk. I’m not sober either. There is alcohol in my system for the first time in months.

Tonight was the gathering for Halloween at my friends D & B’s house. There is a night out tomorrow but myself and another friend couldn’t make that so she did this house gathering so we could see the decorations.

I’ve never really been a big Halloween fan. Wasn’t brought up as it being a celebration. But I enjoyed tonight. The decorations were tame according to B. She has loads more she could have put up. Would love to see that whole lot up.

I enjoyed myself and glad I let go. Yep, he’s definitely¬†drunk. He’s fallen asleep before I finished writing this.


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