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Reflection on Life

How do I feel about my life right now? How is my heart? How is my integrity? How is my dedication to my dreams?

Integrity: > The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
> The state of being whole and undivided

Yes I did just look up the meaning of integrity. I had an inkling of its meaning but I couldn’t have told you if you asked me. If I’m to answer the 4 questions above I need to fully understand what is being asked of me.

My life is beginning to be one I want to be proud of. Before I have a belief that life just happens and it’ll bring what it brings. In a way that belief is still there. But I now believe that life is what the beholder makes of it.

That life does bring you things, whether good or bad, but you have to work for the life you want. That we’re here for a reason. Whether we know it or not. Each of us has a purpose. We have something to give. We can make the world a better place.

Life needs to be lived. Have fun. Be with family and friends. We may be in a modern, digital world but we needn’t be ruled by it. Yes, I did deactivate my Facebook account. 

My heart is tired and worn out. Doing too much but feeling like it’s not enough. That I believe I’ve found my purpose helping people. Am I helping in the right ways? I don’t know. Only time and experience will tell.

My integrity still needs work. I haven’t always been honest. I’ve been the good person who has lied, been cruel and deceiving. I don’t like that person I used to be. I still tell the odd white lie. I still panic when I realise I’ve done something wrong. I’ve at times not owned up to them.

This is wrong of me. I don’t want to continue being this person. I want to be an honest person. Own up for my responsibilities. Put my hands up when I’m wrong, no matter the consequences.

A part of this is why I have started to make ground rules.  I think Integrity should be Rule 6.

The last few months I’ve had more dedication to my dreams then I have my whole life. To get what I want, to do/have experiences I want.

I need to work to make them happen. I need to be dedicated to get what I want. But I need to do it sensibly, respectful and honestly. Staying true to the person I want to be. To make my contribution to the world a good one.

One where other’s want to strive for their own dreams. I want to help others reach their goals.

If you answered the 4 questions at the start, what would your response be?

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