From One Habit to Another

It’s been a couple weeks now since I removed or deactivated my social media accounts. I feel like I’ve done a lot more, or at least been more productive.

I’m not really missing it. It’s just made me rethink my communication methods. Even though I’m getting things done and I’m on day four of no telly this week. I’ve been completing menial or fewer priority tasks.

It’s great that I’m finally getting some of these done. But I don’t wanna use them as procrastination of the big important tasks, goals and work I need/want to complete. I don’t wanna shift from one unhealthy habit to another.

Maybe I need to set reminders that are priorities or have my priorities as goals in my calendar. Then have the menial tasks as reminders. To focus on parts of the big goals before the reminders.


2 thoughts on “From One Habit to Another”

  1. I was a little disoriented after quitting another social media service this past week. The television doesn’t hold my attention for too long – usually I watch along with my husband – we have a few shows we watch together and I have a couple that only I like (Masterpiece Theater type). The Internet is my habit. It’s like food – I can’t just stop using it. I have to master it.
    I enjoyed listening to my first novel through an app from my local library. I like what they call “cozy mysteries”. I like listening as it saves my eyes which don’t always work as well as I’d like.
    This week I’ve been off work and have accomplished a few housecleaning tasks – cleaning floors, dusting the living room furniture , pruning and cleaning up herb containers on the back porch (outside time!), etc. Cooked Thanksgiving dinner. I’m beat.
    Unfortunately my leg is still bother me which keeps me from overdoing it.

    What kind of big projects are you procrastinating?

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    1. How is mastering the internet going? Ooo I like the sound of a cozy mystery. I like trying to solve puzzles. A mystery of crime book is my cup of tea or that. Wow busy week off. I’ve also just finished a week off. Been seeing family, friends and other daily trips. Thankfully had the old relaxing time. Had a break from my goals. Not ready to go back to work in the morning though. I have my NVQ, sign language course, my therapy work plus other little things. I do have a goal list on my menu as a page 🙂 Thank you for your comments

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