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On Speaking up

Speaking up hasn’t been the easiest of things for me. I get embarrassed, shy and scared to the point I settle for what I have. Growing resentful of the situation I’m in. All because of my feelings when I try to ask for what I want.

Speaking up is one of my courage actions and I’ve been able to put it into action on a few things. I don’t wanna revert back to not speaking up. I need to know what I want to speak up about. If I don’t have clarity, taking the time to clearly understand myself what I want.

How do I expect others to understand what I need for myself or from them?

This could relate to making decisions as well as speaking up. I need to ask myself, my heart, body and soul if it is what I want.

Does the decision or action resonate with me? Who I am or what I stand for? Not just that, why? Why am I going to do this action? Is it true for me or something I don’t want to do?

Going out of my comfort zone is hard for me. It heightens my anxiety. Going out of the zone may be the way to get or ask for what I want. It may be the same for you?

I always think of “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”. Majority of the time this is true. There will be times you ask but you still don’t get. Least you asked. You know the answer is no. You’re not thinking it.

Believe in your ask. Let them know how much it means to you and how helpful it was. Always say thank you. Don’t forget you can say no too – Unknown

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