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Reflection, Releasing and Keeping of 2017

What part of 2017 are you most proud of?

I’m proud of acknowledging that I have mental health issues. Going to the doctors and referring myself to the counsellor. This state of unrest was dragging me down in all parts of my life. Physically and mentally.

The past few months have made me look into myself and my life moving towards destruction. I’m starting to tear everything down in my life. Looking to see if it’s what I believe I want and what to stand for.

I believe I still have more to do before I can say I’m moving onto growth but I’ learning as I’m destructing.

What part of 2017 surprised you the most?

I believe for me this year I have two things.

1: My love for writing. How it’s been helping me and that I like sharing it with others. Building a community online isn’t something I’d thought about before.

2: Removing social media that is something I’d never leave from but glad I have. It’s like I’ve been liberated. Have that sense of freedom. That it doesn’t control me anymore.

What I want to leave in 2017:

I’m getting rid of the “I’m not good enough” mindset. The negativity and people who don’t make me happy or bring positivity into my life. Leave the cancelled plans and guilt. Leave the clutter and mess behind.

What I’m carrying into 2018 with me:

That I can do everything I want and set my mind to. Just can’t do it right now. My journaling, blogging and organising. That I can say no. The love of memories had in 2017; family meals, Meadowhall Christmas Live, cooking from scratch, time spent with Dave, friend gatherings and ME TIME.


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