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My 2017 Cycle

What year do you think 2017 was for you?

Most of the year I’ve been in the cycle of unrest. Not fully understanding what I’m doing with my life. Family health issues. Death. Loss of connection to those I love. The decline in my mental health.

I believe I’m still in unrest in my career and education. With my mental health, I believe I’m in the middle of destruction and growth. I’m speaking up. I’m blogging and journaling. I have removed social media. I’m getting to figure out who gets a say in my life. I’m learning how to overcome the cause of my mental health.

I’m destructing and growing at the same time.

Does that knowledge help you understand your year in a new light?

I think for me, understanding which part of the cycle I’m in has helped me to put my mind at rest. I’m now understanding each slice of my life doesn’t have to be in the same cycle category.

That some can be in the destruction and mastery while others can still be in the unrest and growing. Everything does take its time. I can only go at my own pace. This way I can benefit and better understand rather than rush through it all.

I believe now all of week 1 of the Holiday Council is complete and in the week too.

What have you learnt from your 2017?

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