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I had a lovely morning with Dave. Did some sorting out and relaxed before he had to start work.

Then I spent the afternoon with my mum and step-dad. We spent it in Whitby. Taking the dogs with us, we had a lovely walk around a part of Whitby. Went up and down those 199 steps. My hips felt it going back up them.

The main reason for going to Whitby was for the Krampus Run. I thought it was gonna be a Krampus fun run. My mum told me it was gonna be more of a parade. Still looking forward to it. Had a good hype about it.

But it was lacking really. The people who were dressed up went all out and looked incredible. I was just expecting more really.

The view going back up the stairs to the car at the end of the evening. The colours were great. Take a look:

This post was written about the 2nd December

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