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A Peaceful Mind

Had a lovely day with Dave and our friends. We went to Leeds German Market, looked around the craft fair in the museum and had a nosey in some shops. Fun, food and laughter. Got a few Christmas presents. Only my parents left to buy for.

Once home, I wrapped up some presents, completed my appraisal form and did an hour of CBT course.

Without realising it till now, I’ve done things towards my goals, got some to-do-list items done and had fun in a day without being stressed or feeling overloaded. No should be doing this or that.

If I can do it today then I can do it other days too.

I’ve thought of a couple of things I’d like to try and had a couple of films suggested to me to add to my goals and ground rules page.

Try a kickboxing class

Try a pole dancing class

Watch Fox and the Hound

Watch Waterwater

How’s your day been?


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