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Transition Period

I’ve set myself goals, ground rule and have big dreams. I’m finally getting to understand the mindset of “I can do everything, just not right now”.

I feel a sense of calmness with myself towards my goals the last couple of days. I’ve done small steps towards goals. I’ve worked, had family meals and had a little time out for myself. I feel this is the way I wanna continue.

I read recently that the period from setting your goal and getting into the habit in order to complete the goal is the transition period.

Just because telly, magazines or other outlets advertise “forming a habit in 30 days” doesn’t mean it’s the case. After 30 days and the habit hasn’t formed, this doesn’t mean you’ve failed or you should give up.

Everyone is different!!

Forming habits, even ones that are to help you complete that big dream goal, can be a transition period that suits you. If it takes you:

  • 6 months to work out 3 times a week
  • 1 year to sit down daily to write 500 words of your book

Whatever your goal is, the transition to the habit is yours and yours only. You control the time to form a habit. Do it your way.

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