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Dreaming for 2018

2018 is practically around the corner. I’m looking at week 2 of The Holiday Council 2017. The week where dreams of a magical new year get made. I find scheming for 2018 harder then I did reflecting 2017.

I believe it’s partly the unknown and that I don’t fully understand who I am and what I want out of life. I have an idea. I must do. I have a list of goals.

My current list is called Goals and Ground Rules. But I feel it needs to change.

I think I wanna change it to My Dreams page.

Here you see a list of all my goals and dreams. Like a bucket list and a to-do list in one. Today I added a new goal:

Go to see Colbie Caillat in Concert

I love her music. I’ve not known her to tour the UK so it may call for a holiday. May get a 2 in 1 on my goals.

Think I got off track there, I can do that, Side-Tracked should be my middle name. I wouldn’t have to change my initial.

I was saying I found scheming and dreaming for 2018 hard. I worked through the training call and kept getting frustrated. My mind going blank. It may be hard but I’ll get it done.

I’ve taken a break from it for the day. I’ll come back after I’ve had a rest. The perfectionist in me wants to make 2018 amazing and have no mess ups. Life won’t be life without mess ups.

I’ve been reading The Gift of Imperfections by Brene Brown. I love her definition of Calm:

Creating perspective and mindfulness while managing emotional reactivity

As soon as I read this I felt like it’s putting its hand up to be ‘a way of being’ for 2018 for me. Let’s see what the end of week 2 brings.

Are you dreaming and scheming for 2018?

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